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Online Party Wholesaler, based in Ireland (EU) provides Retailers with balloons and decor products for Birthday, Baby Shower, New Baby, Wedding, Hen, Anniversary and all other occasions. We Ship Overseas.

Open A Party Store

Ireland’s leader in offering turn-key Party Stores for our customers

PartyStore Systems offers you the best business opportunity to become a Party Store owner in less than one month!

Run your own business!

Full training and stocking of your Store done by our expert team.
Become an Independent Party Store Owner

At PartyStore Systems, we help create business opportunities for entrepreneurs such as you. Our goal is to help you open a Party Store. PartyStore Systems is the developer of the finest high image party supply source for all party needs. We create a destination retail store in the size range of 500sq ft to 5,000 Sq Ft designed to cater to all party needs with multiple merchandising categories including Balloon Bouquets, Greeting Cards, Party Decorations, Gift Wrap, Paper & Plastic Tableware, Theme Party Supplies, Wedding & Bridal Supplies and much more, all at best prices. We offer a total comprehensive package, which covers every important aspect of opening and successfully running a party business long term. We assist in finding your new Party Store location, assist when you need to negotiate the lease, undertake the store design and layout, do the physical fit out, help you to secure financing when necessary as well as provide ongoing support. We supply all Party Store merchandise, fixtures, equipment along with the work personnel to open the store, and we do it quickly, efficiently professionally. What could be more fun than opening a profitable party store? As the owner of a party store you will have a valuable business that is fun, creative and rewarding in many ways.

If you enjoy helping people have fun, the party store business is for you. When you open a party store you will have the opportunity to make people happy each day as they celebrate special occasions.

By opening a party store, you will join a Multi-billion Euro industry. Even in tough economic times people want to make their occasions memorable. The party business in growing in size every year in Ireland.

As a party store owner you will have the freedom to make your own decisions and express your own creative spirit through your store.

Merchandise Only From Quality Proven Suppliers:

The long term success of any store revolves around merchandise. In our business, the value, variety and amount of new merchandise you provide customers are three critical variables that will determine how successful you are, and this is where we know what to do.

Our merchandise is provided through tried and tested suppliers. We see each of our suppliers on a regular basis where we inspect new party store merchandise to assure high value and quality, and to review new and exciting merchandise.

Training and Support:

Our training involves not just the technical aspects of balloon décor but also the business aspects. Training is designed to ensure that each new owner is familiar with what is involved in managing their store. This experience begins before and continues well after the store’s day of opening. Your instructors will be in contact with you both before and after the store has opened. This training will include a full review of a comprehensive operations manual and related materials designed to aid you in operating your store on a day-to-day basis. Both at our own training facilities and onsite training are available, and encouraged, prior to the opening of the store. Training is very necessary to ensure success.

Top Quality Fixtures:

We can create the “Rolls Royce” of Party Stores or work to a strict budget where you look after the fixtures and fittings. If you opt to do your own fit-out you can work to our plans at no cost to you. We can supply TegoMetall gondolas with pegboard backing, practical counters and specialty fixtures. Slat-wall and other fixtures for the walls.. We do not supply carpeting but when it is needed the landlord will generally provide it at no cost.

The fixtures for your Party Store are designed to be used for many years. We also help you with the outdoor sign and we can provide interior store signs. For those customers availing of us to do the fit-out we send a professional installer to the store location to assemble and install all fixtures. We help with all the merchandising to our trusted Planograms.

This is NOT a Party Store franchise:

You are the owner of the store and have 100% control over every aspect of your business. We just advise – you take the decisions. As we are NOT a franchise, there are no ongoing franchise fees, but you DO receive long-term business support and access to our purchasing network. From the outset, you have total control over all matters regarding YOUR store, including site location, store layout, timing of opening and merchandise. Days OPEN Days CLOSED.

No hidden fees no franchise fees.

We Are Experienced Retailers:

The owner of PartyStore Systems. has also owned and operated retail stores from 400sq ft to 22,000 sqft, so we fully understand what is necessary for store owners to be successful. We know the best merchandise to provide to stores, when to begin stocking for each season and how to recruit and train key employees in all aspects of the busines. We understand the daily demands of the business and have incorporated our vast knowledge and experience into our program. When you work with us you work with a company which has first hand retail experience and will work with you to maximize your store’s profits.

Company History:

PartyStore Systems was founded by Brendan Wallace. With almost 30 years in the wholesale/distribution Brendan has opened more than 400 stores for independent retailers and large chains. Our team is thoroughly competent in all aspects of retail: POS Systems, Shelving, Navigation both internal and external, Shop-fitting, Merchandising and Marketing. We can help in all these areas.

PartyStore Systems offers you the best business opportunity to become a the owner of a valuable profitable Party Store.

What does this typically cost?

Fit-outs are done in one of two ways:

1 You handle it yourself

2 We do it.

If you go for Option 2 we quote for each individual premises are all of them vary in terms of what work needs to be undertaken.

Now for the Stock.

These values are approximated but will be fully documented before any agreements are finalised.

Shop Size

2000 Sq Ft €29,000.00 + VAT
1000 Sq Ft €15,000.00 + VAT
750 Sq Ft €11,500.00 + VAT
500 Sq Ft €7,900.00 + VAT

500 Sq Ft or less QUOTE (if you want to add a party area to your existing store please call us for a quotation

VAT is at 23%

Add €250 if very Specialized Balloon Décor training is required for your area.

Call Brendan today on (021) 480 9112 Ext 3 for more information.
You are welcome to call to our warehouse by appointment.

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