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Helium Balloon Cylinder - 50 x 9'' balloons

Helium Gas Balloon Cylinder

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Helium Balloon Cylinder

Decorating is simple with this super time saver. Fill Balloons with helium at your own convenience with our disposable Helium Cylinder which will inflate 50 x 9" balloons. This lightweight Disposable Helium Tank comes with an easy to use nozzle to fill balloons in a snap and handles for easy transport. Instructions For Use: - 1 Read all warnings before use. Remove Tank from box. - 2 Turn top handle on tank counter clockwise to open valve. (Approximately 1/2 to 1 turn). - 3 Slide balloon neck onto rubber tipped nozzle until neck fits tightly around nozzle. - 4 Hold balloon neck firmly around nozzle. Bend nozzle gently to inflate. Fill balloon to desired size. - 5 Straighten nozzle to stop inflation. - 6 Pinch balloon tightly at base of balloon neck and slide off nozzle. - 7 Tie a knot in balloon neck. - 8 When finished be sure to close top valve tightly by turning clockwise. Press nozzle to release any residual pressure. Tank Disposal Instructions: - Release all unused gas before disposal. Dispose the cylinder along with your household recyclable waste. Helium Balloons Size Guide: 9" Latex Balloons - 50 Balloons - 6 to 8 Hrs. 10" Latex Balloons - 40 Balloons - 12 Hours. 11" Latex Balloons - 25 Balloons - 12 Hours. 18" Foil Balloon - 20 Balloons - 1 Week. Please Note: Balloons figures are estimates. Actual yield field may vary 10% or more. Float times may vary greatly depending on inflation size, temperature, elevation and atmospheric conditions. Float times indicated are indoor estimates at room temperature. Warning Statement: - Keep out of reach of children. - The cylinder contains compressed Helium, do not place nozzle in mouth, doing so may damage your lungs and other body parts. - Do not inhale helium, do not use in enclosed spaces. Helium expels oxygen for breathing inhaling. Helium can result in serious injury. - Do not mistreat the cylinder. - Do not drop onsharp pointed surfaces. - Do not store in damp conditions. - Never expose cylinder to naked flame or excessive heat, this may activate the pressure relief device which may cause serious injury. Quantity Per Pack: - 1 Helium Cylinder. - 3 Balloon Sizer. 9", 10" and 11". Simply cut along the dotted line on the top of the box for a 9", 10" and 11" Balloon Sizer. Net contents 0.42 cubic metres of helium. Non - Flammable Gas

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