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Balloon Releases and Races

Balloon Races – Balloon Release – Balloon Drops
Promote your Party Store by giving your customers Tips and Ideas.
Why suggest a balloon release to your customers? Because it is a great sale!


Balloon releases have long been popular as fundraising events or for celebration parties – wedding, graduation, new arrival, New Year parties etc.
Customers can celebrate their event with a spectacular colourful balloon release. A balloon release occurs when a number of helium-filled balloons are allowed to float into the sky together, or in rapid succession. This may be done for fun, for a party, to create a photo opportunity to raise awareness of a cause or campaign, or as a competitive race. Everyone will enjoy the spectacle of seeing helium filled balloons released into the sky. a balloon release gives excellent publicity for your promotion or organisation.

Balloon releases can be spectacular. Here are just a few reasons to organise a balloon release.

* A party! A celebration party for any special occasion.
* Launch a new business
* Use a launch as part of an Open Day
* To raise money for school events
* As part of fundraising for charities
* Raise money by having a balloon race and sell race labels

Releasing thousands of balloons from a balloon release net is a great way to raise money for good causes and can be real fun too. Thousands of balloons released into the sky can make an impressive sight. Releasing lots of balloons into the sky has become a popular way of celebrating and marking important events.

Customers can celebrate a birthday – a retirement – or just a special occasion with a Balloon Net Release! Customers corporate or private can get double benefits from a balloon release. The actual release of the balloons from the balloon release net attracts great publicity for their cause or event. Also, they can sell balloon race and release tickets to boost their funds making any prizes they wish to offer self-funding.

Tell your customers to ensure maximum visual impact on the day and raise the profile of their event with social media, conventional media, sponsors and the general public.

Balloon races & balloon releases are a really spectacular way to celebrate a special occasion. Balloon races & balloon releases are becoming a really popular way of raising funds. Whether it be raising funds for charities – or for school fund raising or just to launch new products a balloon release is a spectacular sight and a great fun event. The most successful events are organised using Balloon Release Nets to hold the balloons

Release day! Here your customer can promote your Party Store due to all the excitement. An exciting day when people gather quite early on to see the balloon nets filling up all the excitement building up to the balloon net being opened and the release to the sky of the balloons!


For A Party or Celebration
There are many reasons and benefits that are to be gained when a balloon release is organised. If they simply wish to add that special effect to a party or celebration – lots of balloons being released into the sky from balloon nets will certainly create a stir. Air filled balloons in balloon nets hanging from the ceiling are released to heighten the excitement of the special event

To raise Funds for a School
Schools get involved with balloons to raise money. Every year they guarantee a good return on the outlay to Party Stores. They also benefit from publicity. Get them to get in touch with the local paper, if they explain to them the impact a balloon race/release has in a photo-shoot, and as well as that the monies it raises for the school it will help to make their local community aware of the fundraising efforts and will raise the image of the school. A balloon release is an event people will want to watch.

Charity Fund Raising Events
A balloon launch looks great in the local papers and it will help to raise extra publicity money for your customers causes. If they advertise that the balloon race / release will happen at the end of the day they will ensure that visitors stay to see this instead of disappearing after a couple of hours. Stalls etc will then continue to make money throughout the rest of the day
Launch a New Business or a New Product
Really catch the attention of the media with a balloon release. The spectacular sight of thousands of balloons in a balloon net – suddenly releases into the sky is a great way of launching a new product

Balloon releases can be spectacular. Here are just tips as to how to organise a balloon release. A Balloon Release is a very visual event. Everyone, from the youngest child to senior citizens, enjoy the spectacle of seeing helium filled balloons released into the sky. We offer everything needed for a successful balloon release.
Give Your Customers Some Tips.


* Set the Date for The Balloon Release
First decide the date of the balloon release – give yourself plenty of time to organise – promote and sell tickets etc
* Place your order for the balloons – balloon release nets
Make sure you have ordered the necessary balloons from us – and balloon nets and if applicable the – the balloon race tickets – and helium balloon gas – or we can do all that at the store – ring 0123456789
* Organise Prizes
Agree the number and types of prizes to be given to the winning entrants and commence purchasing etc
* Sell The Balloon Race Tickets
Get as many persons as you can out there selling the balloon race & release tickets being sure that reliable records are kept.
* Press Release Media Attention
Organise press releases and media attention. This is especially important if the purpose of the event is as part of a fund raising exercise.
* Inflate the Balloons & Attach Balloon Race Tickets
On the day of the event – inflate your balloons and attach the balloon race labels. The nearer you do this to the time of the balloon event the further the balloons will travel. Don’t start too early and never blow up the balloons prior to the balloon release day. Helium filled balloons will after 22 hours – deflate- lose their gas – and of course once released into the sky – they will stay inflated for longer.
* Place all balloons in the balloon release nets.
Do not be fooled into thinking that you don’t need a Balloon Release Net – a Balloon Release Net will ensure that the balloons are kept together securely until the balloons are ready to be real eased.


Tell your customers all this.


Balloon Launch
Some balloon races and releases are organised using the idea that leading up to the day of the balloon release from the balloon net – tickets can be sold the tickets can be printed with the name and address of the school or organisation or corporate entity etc.

On the day of the release / race the labels are attached to the helium filled balloons which, at a given time are released from the balloon net. Each balloon label has a request that the finder should post it back to the School/Address. Prizes are given to the person whose label is returned from the furthest point. Many labels are returned from Europe.

Ask one of our trainers at PartyStore Systems to understand the three most important “musts” for organising a successful balloon release. One – everything must come together on the day. Two – it must be SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY and finally, it must be appealing and profitable. We will assist you to handle your order.

* Use only bio-degradable latex balloons and hand tie them * Use any foil or non-latex balloons
* All balloons must be filled with Helium. Helium balloons are lighter than air and rise naturally – the gas expands causing the balloon to burst into tiny fragments hastening the decomposition process. * Attach ribbons, valves or string to the balloons being released as they or often non-biodegradable and can endanger wildlife.
* Ensure that all balloons sold near the balloon release site are weighted and can't escape. * Release any balloons that are larger than 12 inches

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